Sigma DP3 Merrill : First Impressions

A Medium Format alternative in your pocket : The DP3  Merrill has a 46 MP Foveon X3 image sensor (15.4 MP in 3 color layers, for each Red, Green and Blue) and TRUE II engine processor. It has a fixed 50mm/2.8 (equivalent to 75mm) Macro lens, and weights less than 400 grams in a compact body ... … Continue reading Sigma DP3 Merrill : First Impressions


5 star for Fuji X-T1 again and again

Once again, Fuji X-T1 is heading high It seems that everyone who got his hands on the X-T1 is more than satisfied. Fuji Lebanon will give me the chance to try this new comer in the coming weeks.  

When I tried the Nikon Df

Last week, I had the chance to try a Silver Df  for one full week. Since I had my D700 few years ago, I didn't have the chance to carry my Nikon DSLRs (D800E and D3s) but rarely: the D800E is too demanding with its 36MP, and the D3s is very heavy. I always wanted … Continue reading When I tried the Nikon Df