my FUJI X-Pro2 Wishlist

Announced in January 2012, Fuji X-Pro1 is expected to have a successor (the X-Pro2) to be announced in Photokina 2014, in less than one month from now.Barton 1972 Braided XL X-Pro1 BW 2
I always loved the X-Pro1, it delivers excellent Image Quality, has an excellent handling, and I mainly like that it has an OVF, along the EVF. I always wished for some improvements though from Fuji for its successor. The X-T1 features couldn’t fulfil my needs. Here is my wishlist for the upcoming X-Pro2 :

  1. 1/8000s shutter (some rumours are talking about a 1/32,000s shutter)
  2. – Native ISO in RAW to be 100-12800 (expandable to 50-100400)
  3. Advanced Hybrid View Finder to remain on the left side of the cam, unlike that of the X-T1
  4. Faster AF with phase detection covering a larger area than that in the X-T1
  5. 18 to 24MP sensor
  6. – Larger Buffer
  7. – More advanced Bracketing features
  8. – More advanced Multi exposure features (at least 5 frames)
  9. Tilt screen, could be very useful for low angle and candid photography
  10. – Advanced Wifi features
  11. – Higher Flash Sync Speed
  12. – Advanced Wireless Flash features (similar to Nikon CLS)
  13. – Advanced Video recording features with Full Manual controls
  14. Live Bulb View
  15. – Same Size of the XPro1
  16. Weather sealed body

Did I miss something we, Fuji X Lovers, want ?

Well, the whole specs of the new X-Pro2 will be revealed hopefully next month … Let’s see if Fuji will make it right this time …

If at least wishlists 1 and 2 are not included, I will NOT upgrade …

3 thoughts on “my FUJI X-Pro2 Wishlist

  1. I’m on the fence waiting for the x-pro2, if it does not show up soon I will move to XT-1, not a bad move, but would love to stay with the x-pro set-up…

    I would also have a better and faster to work with manual focus setup on the x-pro2.

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