7 Reasons why I prefer the X-T1 over the Dƒ …

In a previous post , I mentioned 7 Reasons why I prefer the Dƒ over the X-T1 …

On March 2014, I posted a small review about the X-T1. You can check this review HERE.

In this post , I will mention 7 Reasons why I prefer the X-T1 over the Dƒ

  1. The X-T1 is considerably lighter and more compact than the Dƒ : 440g vs 710g; so are the X lenses : X-T1 with XF50-140/2.8 WR weights 1440g vs 2250g for Dƒ with 70-200/2.8 VRII. 
  2. With the latest Firmware update, Fuji added a 1/32000s speed via Electronic shutter (could be totally silent) which is a big plus when you are shooting wide open with the XF35/1.4 or XF56/1.2. The Dƒ shutter is limited to 1/4000s.
  3. Dial layout on the X-T1 is smarter than that on the Dƒ especially with the A mode on ISO and Shutter Dials.
  4. Tilt screen is a big plus for low angle shots.
  5. Manual Focus Aids: Focus Peaking and Digital Split Screen works perfectly in Manual Focus Mode on the X-T1. No Focus Aids exist on the Dƒ …
  6. Video Mode on X-T1 : Although not the best video features around, but it is there when you need it. The Dƒ doesn’t have a Video Mode !!!
  7. Perfect WiFi Implementation: WiFi on the X-T1 is one of the best I have ever tried … It connects very fast, it is very stable, and with the Remote Control application , you can control almost every single feature on the X-T1. The WiFi bundle of the Dƒ sucks compared to the built in WiFi of he X-T1: connectivity and controls.

What I wish it had

Below are some features I wished the X-T1 had:

  1. Better AF performance : It still hunts in low light.
  2. Better D-Pad control buttons : The D-pad on the X-E and X-Pro1 works much better
  3. GPS option, whether built in or with a dedicated battery grip like the Leica M 240 Grip
  4. Advanced Video Mode with full Manual control  like the one on the Sonys.
  5. Native ISO in RAW to be 100-12800 (expandable to 50-100400)
  6. No Noise in EVF in Manual Focus Mode in low light.
  7. an Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder like that on the X100T
  8. More advanced Multi exposure features (at least 5 frames)
  9. Live Bulb View like the one on the Olympus OM-Ds
  10. A slightly larger body.
Fuji X-T1 with Battery Grip and XF5/1.2
Fuji X-T1 Top Right Dials
Fuji X-T1 Top Left Dials

8 thoughts on “7 Reasons why I prefer the X-T1 over the Dƒ …

  1. Amazing camera system. The only downfall that gets me is no high speed flash sync. Shooting a f/1.2 lens in the sun at 1/180 just doesn’t work. I hope the next slr style body they make can do this. I will buy it. But I still prefer it over my Canon Dslr


  2. No. 1 in your 7 reasons why you prefer the X-T1 over the Dƒ is contradictive to No. 10 in your wish list.


  3. I spent a lot of time reviewing the X – T1 I was very impressed but a couple comments.

    All in – with lens you are talking about a $3000 investment.
    Most of the lenses are not water resistant where the camera is.
    The autofocus is truly slow and not up to the DF.

    The Next generation may be the one!

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    1. And Fuji is not free of a lot of quirks, shutter lag, poor flash support, poor third party equipment/device support, while only being in the APS/C realm. The Df has one of the best CMOS sensors ever made.


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