X-Pro2 : a Modern M8 ? 

More rumors about a larger than APS-C sensor on the upcoming Fuji X-Pro2 are emerging . It seems most XF lenses can work with an APS-H 1.3x crop sensor.

This might be good news for some, the most important thing for me is that the X-Pro2 will be a real (hybrid) Range Finder -like the one on M240, plus an EVF overlay, with a new sensor,  higher flash sync (1/320s), 1/8000s mechanical shutter, a tilt screen, a bit smaller than X-Pro1, etc….

I can smell the reborn of a modern Leica M8 with the X-Pro2…. Stay Tuned for more…

You can check my X-Pro2 wishlist posted August 23rd, 2014 HERE.

D3S_6656 - Version 2 D3S_6663 - Version 2

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