(got the) FUJI X-T1 SG …. 15 months later

IMG_061015 months ago , I tried the Fuji X-T1 for the first time. You can read my Impression back then HERE.

Since then I had the chance to use it several times… and each time I did, I came up with the conclusion to wait  for a “rumored” X-Pro 2. Seems that Fuji is prolonging the life cycle of their cams unlike other brands like Sony, Olympus, etc …

I converted my X-Pro 1 lately to Infrared, and was looking for an X-E2; I am one of those who prefer the rangefinder style of the X-E/X-Pro …

Few weeks ago,  FW 4.0 for X-T1 was introduced with some promising advanced AF features (yet to be tested) . Unfortunately, it  seems that Fuji won’t update the X-E2 with the features of FW 4.0 … for unknown reasons. Other reasons to skip the X-E2 were the small buffer and the non Weather Sealed body, compared to the X-T1.

With the Launch of the X-T10, and the non confirmed X-Pro2 launch sometimes by end of 2015, I decided to get a Silver Graphite SG X-T1 with the amazing XF56/1.2R. X-T10 is so small that I doubt it will fit in my (large) hands. And here again, it has a small buffer and non Weather Sealed body.

To Tell you the truth, I forgot how compact and Lightweight the X-T1 was. And the SG Edition is really special, unlike the Silver XE/X20/30 series.

I already have an X-Pro 1 (IR), XF14/2.8, XF23/1.4, XF35/1.4, 18-55/2.8-4, and 55-200/3.5-4.8. So adding an X-T1 with 56/1.2R will result in having a complete lightweight and capable system.

My eye is still on the 50-140/2.8 WR  lens. But I will skip for the moment and enjoy the system with what I already have.

You can see my X-T1 galleries from my earlier tests  HERE and HERE and HERE


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