LeicaFlex SL
LeicaFlex SL (1968-1974)

It seems Leica will announce a new FF mirrorless camera with AF next October (highly credible rumor). Sources say it will have a central EVF and not a real rangefinder (unfortunately) or an X-Pro1 a-like hybrid EVF. It will be bundled with a new AF 50/2.0 Summicron and will be priced around 8,000k ….

If this rumour is True, i am afraid the RangeFinder will be dead for good … First Leica killed the CCD and now the RF … I might seriously consider keeping my Leica glass only and use them on any non Leica mirrorless FF cam to come in the future

2016 seems to be the war of the FF AF Mirrorless cameras: Sony won’t be alone anymore as the only FF AF Mirrorless system … Leica, Nikon and Canon will hopefully join …


  1. M is a legend and a lot of old M lens are still used in market. I am still use 84’s M6 together with 13’s M9 with old M lenses.


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