My Favorite Gear 2015


Here is a list of my favorite gear I used in 2015  after I said Goodby to Fuji and Welcome to Sony. My Leica M240 and Nikon Df are still my favorite cameras 

  1. Favorite Interchangeable Lens Camera : 1st- Leica M240 , 2nd- Nikon Df
  2. Favorite Lens: 1st- Leica 50 Summilux, 2nd- Nikon 70-200/2.8 VRII.
  3. Favorite P&S : Leica Dlux 109
  4. Favorite Bag : ONA Bowery and Incase Ari Marcopopoulos ( Peak Design Everyday Messenger on its way )

    ONA Bowery leather bag with Sony A6000 system
  5. Favorite Strap : Peak Design Straps
  6. Favorite Tripod : Benro C1692TB0S Tripod Kit
  7. Favorite SD Card : Lexar 128G 150mbs
  8. Favorite Editing Software : Aperture 3
  9. Favorite Mobile App : Snapseed
  10. Favorite Remote App : Sony Playmemories
  11. Favorite PC : MacBook Air 11″ (Mid 2011 Model)

Can you list your Favorite Gear You used in 2015 ?


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