A7ii vs A7s vs A6000 vs Df High ISO comparison

_1010871 - Version 2
Df – A7II – A7s – A6000

This is a Quick (non scientific) High ISO Test between Sony A7s, A7II, Nikon Df, and Sony A6000

Lenses used in the test : Sony/Zeiss 35/2.8ZA on A7s A7ii, Nikon 35/2.0 AF-d on Df and Sony/Zeiss 24/1.8ZA on A6000. All Shots taken handheld.

A7s-A7II-Df-A6000  ISO 25,600



DSC08729DSC08729 - Version 2DSC08730 - Version 3DSC08731 - Version 2DSC08732 - Version 3DSC08733 - Version 3DSC08734 - Version 3DSC08735 - Version 3DSC08736 - Version 3

For Some Reason, the A7s has some Focus Issues. It has the slowest AF among the rest. I would say that the A7s is usable up to 51,200, occasionally up to 80,000 ISO and even 102,400 ISO (check the real world Samples below).



_DSC3840 - Version 2_DSC3840 - Version 3_DSC3843 - Version 3_DSC3844 - Version 2_DSC3845 - Version 2 (1)

the A7II could be usable up to 12,800  ISO


_DSC2886_DSC2886 - Version 2_DSC2887 - Version 3_DSC2889 - Version 2_DSC2888 - Version 2_DSC2890 - Version 3_DSC2891 - Version 3_DSC2892 - Version 3_DSC2893 - Version 3_DSC2894 - Version 3 Nikon Df could be usable easily up to 51,200


_DSC0787_DSC0787 - Version 3_DSC0788 - Version 3_DSC0789 - Version 2_DSC0790 - Version 3

Sony A6000 was positively surprised me in this test… as you can see, 12,800 is very usable.

A7s Real World Samples at high ISO


I will leave the conclusion to you …

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