M43, X and E Mount lenses

M43, X and E Mount lenses: the Complete List

In this article, I wanted to see how the 3 main mirrorless systems -Micro Four thirds, Fujifilm X, Sony E/FE – compare in terms of available native and third party lenses. I don’t want to discuss the Pros and Cons of each system because the internet is full of similar comparisons.

Before we go into the table below, this is a quick overview about the 3 systems.


  1. Micro Four thirds Format,aka M43, was first introduced in October 2008 with Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1  , Olympus followed with  Olympus PEN E-P1  in July 2009: Today there are  55 native lenses from Olympus and Panasonic  in 99 months, with an average of 0.55 per month
  2. Sony FE Full Frame Mount was introduced in October  2013 with Sony α7 : 20 lenses in 39 months with an average of 0.51 per month
  3. Fujifilm X was introduced in January 2012 with  Fujifilm X-Pro1  : 22 lenses in 48 months with an average of 0.45 per month
  4. Sony E APS-C mount was introduced in June 2010 with Sony NEX-3 : 16 lenses in 66 months with an average of 0.24 per month

As we can see from these numbers, M43 has the most native lenses today, coming from the 2 major brands: Olympus and Panasonic. Sony APS-C E mount has the least native lenses today. But we shouldn’t forget that FE lenses are Full Frame E mount lenses, Hence they work perfectly on Sony E. So in total Sony APS-C cameras can take 38 native Sony lenses today, only 16 of them are designed for APS-C E mount.

But if we consider the time of launch of each system, we can see that Sony FE mount (20 Lenses in 4 years), comes before Fujifim (22 lenses in 5 years), taking into consideration that Fujifilm was introduced more that a year before Sony FE with only 2 lenses more.

Native Lenses

Prices in the list are Official Prices as per B&H PhotoVideo on February 2017


Some third Party manufacturers made few Auto Focus lenses for each of the mentioned systems. Sigma and Zeiss are the main players here, where we see that Tamron made only 2 lenses for M43 and APS-C E Mount systems. Lately, and after many Manual Focus lenses for all mounts, Rokinon are making Auto Focus lenses for FE Mount.

Zeiss is about to introduced a new Batis 135mm soon , and everybody is waiting for Sigma to work on AF lenses for FE mount.

AF Third Party Lenses

Prices in the list are Official Prices as per B&H PhotoVideo on February 2017


In this section, the list is full of many different MF lenses from many manufacturers. Some of them make exactly the same lens for different mounts. As we can see below the main players are Rokinon and Samyang (same lenses with different branding).

Here is the ranking by Mount:

  1. Sony FE : 44 lenses
  2. Fuji X and M43 : 40 lenses each
  3. Sony E : 22 lenses
Manual Focus Third Party lenses

Prices in the list are Official Prices as per B&H PhotoVideo on February 2017


In Conclusion, we can see that Sony FE has the most available lenses today. M43 comes second, Fuji third and Sony E mount comes in the last place.

I hope you find this article helpful in order to choose the lenses for your mirrorless system(s).

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