Husam Mneimneh

Photographer, Blogger, Product Specialist

Who Am I

My name is  HUSAM MNEIMNEH  aka HMeye, Photographer and Blogger Born in Beirut, Lebanon, I studied Architecture at the American University of Beirut. I am a self taught photographer who likes to handle different subjects, mediums and visions

Photography for me is a Passion in the first place. All what I do, all the gear I tried, All the time I spend reading and exploring and shooting is a result of an intense passion toward this art. And I decided to create this blog out of Passion and …. Fun!

Own HMeYe studio since 2009, located in Verdun district in Beirut.my AWARDS:– October 2013: Awarded for best Photo: “The Corniche… Tomorrow”  in the Visual Art Forum IV 2013 at UNESCO Palace on Thursday 17 October 2013 by Municipality of Beirut– March 2010: Awarded by Municipality of Tripoli for the effort done in the “Save Our Station” CampaignEXHIBITIONS:– July 2014: Participated in Byblos International Festival collective exhibition in the city of Byblos, Lebanon. – February 2014: Participated in a Photo Exhibition at University of Eidenberg. – October 2013: Participated in the Visual Art Forum IV 2013 at UNESCO Palace : Awarded for best Photo: “The Corniche… Tomorrow” by Municipality of Beirut– September 2013: Participated in “H12O” exhibition in Amchit CLub in 2013– June 2013: Participated in “H12O” exhibition in LAAPS in Beirut in 2013– April 2013: Participated in “Saisir le Movement” exhibition at Cristal Center, Zahleh, Lebanon.– February 2013: Participated in AUB Alumni Art Expo 2013.– January and March 2010: Participated in the “Save our Station” campaign to save the railway station in Tripoli and in a collective exhibition related to this effort at the ministry of Tourism and the Safadi center in Tripoli.


This blOg is not about reviews, it’s about my personal impressions about some gear I used or tried