Who Am I


My name is  HUSAM MNEIMNEH  aka HM eye, Photographer and Blogger 

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, I studied Architecture at the American University of Beirut. I am a self taught photographer who likes to handle different subjects, mediums and visions

Photography for me is a Passion in the first place. All what I do, all the gear I tried, All the time I spend reading and exploring and shooting is a result of an intense passion toward this art. And I decided to create this blog out of Passion and …. Fun!

Own HMeYe studio since 2009, located in Verdun district in Beirut.

– October 2013: Awarded for best Photo: “The Corniche… Tomorrow”  in the Visual Art Forum IV 2013 at UNESCO Palace on Thursday 17 October 2013 by Municipality of Beirut
– March 2010: Awarded by Municipality of Tripoli for the effort done in the “Save Our Station” Campaign
– July 2014: Participated in Byblos International Festival collective exhibition in the city of Byblos, Lebanon.
 – February 2014: Participated in a Photo Exhibition at University of Eidenberg. 
 – October 2013: Participated in the Visual Art Forum IV 2013 at UNESCO Palace : Awarded for best Photo: “The Corniche… Tomorrow” by Municipality of Beirut
– September 2013: Participated in “H12O” exhibition in Amchit CLub in 2013
– June 2013: Participated in “H12O” exhibition in LAAPS in Beirut in 2013
– April 2013: Participated in “Saisir le Movement” exhibition at Cristal Center, Zahleh, Lebanon.
– February 2013: Participated in AUB Alumni Art Expo 2013.
– January and March 2010: Participated in the “Save our Station” campaign to save the railway station in Tripoli and in a collective exhibition related to this effort at the ministry of Tourism and the Safadi center in Tripoli.



Why this blOg ?

This blOg is not about reviews, it’s about my personal impressions about some gear I used or tried

After creating many and different photography groups on Facebook during the last 4 years, I decided to combine all of them in one blOg. I am doing this mainly out of passion and fun. I hope that those who followed me on Facebook will follow me here. I will try my best to make this blOg alive and interesting as I tried to do with my Facebook groups and pages.

If you have any suggestion regarding this blOg and its expansion, I would be very glad to hear it.

From now on, You can follow me on this blOg to keep updated with all the new photography gear stuff

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