Hasselblad X1D

Hasselblad just launched the first Medium Format Mirrorless Digital Camera On their 75th Birthday. Weighting just 725g, this new addition is a game Changer. Hasselblad confirmed that this camera and lenses are not made in the collaboration with Fuji ( I take this with a grain of salt), and mentioned that more products related to the X1D will be introduced in Photokina 2016.

Fuji and Sony are rumoured on working on a medium format mirrorless as well. although no rumours about laughing dates yet, I suppose we can see it in next Photokina 2016. X1D_Lifestyle_DeckX1D_Lifestyle_Sitting

Here are the specifications:

  • 50MP CMOS sensor
  • 0.8x Crop
  • Weight: 725 gr.
  • Touchscreen with shortcuts
  • ISO up to 25,600
  • 14 stops dynamic range
  • EVF
  • Dual SD card slots
  • Full HD at 25fps
  • WiFi and GPS
  • New line of XCD lenses with manual and AF (built-in shutter)
  • 30mm XCD lens will be announced at Photokina in September
  • All current H lenses will work with an adapter
  • Shipping will start at the end of August/early September
  • Comes with a Billingham bag
  • The X1D camera and lenses design and production was all done by Hasselblad – Fuji was NOT involved (the X1D is not a re-batched camera)
  • The new XCD lenses are as good as the H lenses






You can see the photos below taken directly from the live streaming event today (screen shots on my iPad)

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