My Favorite Gear 2015

  Here is a list of my favorite gear I used in 2015  after I said Goodby to Fuji and Welcome to Sony. My Leica M240 and Nikon Df are still my favorite cameras  Favorite Interchangeable Lens Camera : 1st- Leica M240 , 2nd- Nikon Df Favorite Lens: 1st- Leica 50 Summilux, 2nd- Nikon 70-200/2.8…Read more My Favorite Gear 2015

Vote for Camera of the Year 2015

  We have seen many new interesting entries this year in the camera industry, and I believe we will see more interesting one in Photokina 2016, especially if the rumors about Nikon and Canon going Full Frame Mirrorless are true. Leica surprised everyone with the excellent and very desirable Q and the very debatable SL. Sony continued their…Read more Vote for Camera of the Year 2015

Fuji X-E3 or X-T2

Some rumors running on the net that Fuji might not upgrade the X-E2, and thus we might not see an X-E3 coming. Personally I would like to see an X-E3 instead of an X-T2: the X-E2 handles much better in my hands than the X-T1. If Fuji have to upgrade only one of these, What…Read more Fuji X-E3 or X-T2