Photokina 2016 : what to expect 

Photokina 2016 is coming soon. Many among us is eager to know what the manufacturers will launch this summer at Köln. Here are my predictions according to many rumours on the web and my own speculations.

• The stars near each product is my expectation rating from 1 to 5 (least to most expected)


  1. new Leica M *****  with HVF – New sensor – Better ISO performance – Cheaper – Slimmer    I really hope Leica won’t kill the Real RF


  1. Sony A9 **** 70-80 Megapixel sensor Improved Image Stabilisation – Dual SD card slots – Unlimited burst mode  – Larger buffer  – Smaller than Canon 5D Mark III DSLR – a Leica SL competitor ?
  2. Sony A7III ***** 24-28 MP sensor – 4K video – Advanced AF mode – Larger Buffer
  3. Sony A5200 ***** a cheaper A6300 without EVF
  4. Sony RX100 Mk V *** longer zoom range with fast aperture
  5. New FE Lenses ***  Affordable 20/1.8 or 2.0- 35/1.8 – 85/1.8 are needed for the Sony FE system if one doesn’t want to break the bank !
  6. New APSC E-Mount Lenses ? *  I think Sony should launch some affordable fast primes to the excellent A6300/A6000, If they want to keep competing with Fujifilm in the APSC segment


  1. Olympus EM 1 Mk II *****  Same 20MP sensor as PEN F – Advanced High Resolution mode  – High Resolution Hand-Held Mode  – 4K Video – New AF System dictated for Sports shooting / professional use – New viewfinder – Better Image Stabilisation mode – Big improvements in core specification compared to current E-M1 models – Same Price as E-M1 – Olympus Flagship will get better and better 


  1. Panasonic GH5 *****  6k video, same 20M Sensor as GX8
  2. Panasonic LX200 *****  longer zoom range (24-90mm) with fast aperture – same 20MP sensor as GX8 – Tilt screen ?
  3. Panasonic FZ2000 **  longer zoom range to compete with Sony RX10 III


  1. Canon mirrorless FF or APSC **** Many Rumours about a new FF mirrorless from Canon emerged online in the last couple of years, the most interesting patent that emerged online is a patent of a hybrid VF (might be used in a mirrorless or a DSLR camera). Is Canon going to compete seriously in the mirrorless market? There is a big chance Canon will do it in Photokina this year.
  2. Canon 5D Mk IV *****  Dual-pixel CMOS AF Fullframe Sensor – Digic 7 image processor – 4K internal recording – Advance video control mode and s-log gamma support – Advance wireless connectivity
  3. Canon 6D Mk II ** an upgrade to the 6D


  1. Nikon mirrorless FF or APSC ** The only rumour that I saw online was that “Nikon is developing a larger sensor mirrorless camera”. No idea if it will be FF or APSC. I really hope it won’t be APSC. Nikon made a big surprise with the launch of the D500 without any online rumour. Will they make an even better surprise launching an FF mirrorless camera in Photokina ?  All I know is that if Canon will do it , Nikon will follow 
  2. Nikon D3500 ** new entry level DSLR , 24MP Sensor
  3. Nikon D820 ****  higher MP count (42MP ?), 4K video, advanced AF system
  4. Nikon Df II * Same sensor as D5, might be delayed for Nikon 100 anniversary in 2017


  1. Fujifilm X200 *** same 24MP sensor as X-Pro 2 / X-T2
  2. Fujifilm MF mirrorless ** same 50MP Sony CMOS sensor as Hasselbald X1D – Many rumours emerged online about Fujifilm developing a new Medium Format mirrorless camera. Let’s hope they respond to Hasselblad at Photokina 
  3. XF23/2 WR ***** Many X Photographers are waiting for this compact prime 
  4. XF50/2 WR *** might be delayed till 2017 


  1. 2 New Batis E Mount lenses **** I expect a Batis 35/1.8 and a Batis 50/1.8 or maybe a 105/2.0 !
  2. 2 New Loxia E Mount lenses **** All I know is that Zeiss is preparing to launch 2 new Loxia by the end of 2016


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