Fuji X-Pro1 with XF35/1.4
Fuji X-Pro1 with XF35/1.4

In 2009, I converted my Nikon D200 to 665nm Infrared at LifePixel. And I was enjoying it since then. You can check my Infrared Albums HERE and HERE and HERE

Last year, My Fuji X-Pro1 was almost staying  on the shelves after I got the Nikon Dƒ and Leica M240.  I didn’t want to see my X-Pro1 go as I like its size and hybrid Viewfinder so much. I already have the XF18-55, XF55-200, XF14/2.8, XF18/2.0 and XF35/1.4. All of these lenses are known to work very well with IR except the XF18-55. …. so  I decided to convert my Fuji X-Pro1 to IR. I chose the Super Blue Filter and did the conversion at LifePixel. Finally I will have an IR compact system that can fit in my bag whether I am using the Dƒ, or M240 and can travel with me wherever I go.

I will receive it on April 6th …

Sample Photos will come later , so stay Tuned …

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