What about the Leica T !


24 APRIL 2014 is the date of the BIG event from Leica

Leica T and the Competition

With the CSC competition becoming tougher, from Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and others, Leica decided to enter the game … Will they play it right this time ? And how will they compete with other excellent and cheaper systems like the M43 and X systems ?

As we know so far, the Leica T is a one shell hard aluminum structure, like the Apple MacBooks … Actually it looks like an Apple cam more than a Leica cam if we remove the red dot ! And it looks really compact !

My Expectations

I believe we will be reading and hearing lots of negative comments about the T before and after the launch .. as we did when the X Vario was introduced … And Honestly, I was one of those who didn’t like the Vario before it was officially announced … But, After trying it, I can say that it delivers excellent IQ and it is a very well built and complete cam … It’s overpriced, Yes… but this is expected from Leica !  Why it is expected ? this needs a long discussion !

If Leica T has a similar (or better) sensor than the X Vario, and has a fast (if not faster) AF than the Vario, and has a similar if not better High ISO performance than the Vario, it will sure be a great CSC ! and I personally believe that it will sell very well for two reasons: first, many Leica fans will look in the T as a cheaper Leica system for them. Second, Many Leica fans would love to use their m lenses on a more compact and modern body : Not everybody likes Rangefinders !

Some T specifications 

Here is what we know so far before less than 24 hours of the Official launch :

  • 16 MP APS-C sensor with interchangeable lenses
  • Lenses designed by Leica (no surprise here)
  • All autofocus lenses
  • Held to be competition for Fuji, Olympus and Sony …so much so it’s code-named “Typhoon”
  • Will cost $3k USD for body only … And $4k+ USD with lens…
  • Consumer/prosumer – not enthusiast class
  • WiFi enabled
  • Mount M lenses (with adapter, supports 6-bit coding)
  • Swiveling camera strap and lugs
  • Leica “T” for Touchscreen
  • Battery BP-DC13
  • Visoflex (Type 020) EVF w/GPS

Everything so far looks good if not better than expected … except 1 very important thing : The lenses have not Aperture Rings …

When we see today almost all the manufacturers going the retro look and function ( lately with the Fuji X-T1- you can read my preview HERE – and the Nikon Dƒ – you can read my review HERE ) , Leica seems to have chosen a ultra modern approach, for a change.

Let’s wait for tomorrow for the final product specs, before we judge …


Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-1 Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-2 Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-3 Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-4 Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-5 LeicaT_ZM

One thought on “What about the Leica T !

  1. That picture of a solid block of metal looks really cool. Is this how they manufacture it? Carve it out of one block like this? Are there any advantages from doing like this compared to molding it instead? I guess it should be as strong if molded? But carving it out is bound to be much more expensive and slow.


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