7 Reasons why I prefer the Dƒ over the X-T1 …

X-T1 with XF50-140/2.8WR and Dƒ with 70-200/2.8VRII and ONA Bowery bag
X-T1 with XF50-140/2.8WR and Dƒ with 70-200/2.8VRII

In March 2014 , I had to choose between the Fuji X-T1 and the Nikon Df to add to my Gear. You can check my gear HERE.

Before the launch of the Df I was planning to downgrade my Nikon system and replace it gradually by the Fuji system. But when the Df was introduced, my plan was set to ground zero. I am a Nikon user since the late nineties (F70 and F90X, D70, D200, D300s, D700, D3s, D800E, Dƒ) and invested a lot in the F system. At one point I had a D700 as my main camera. I replaced it later with D3s and D800E …. But both Nikons stayed on the shelf while I was enjoying my ex Leica M8 and the Fuji X-Pro1. At one point the X-Pro1 was my main cam … And that’s for about 18 months. Until the launch of the XT and Df. So I had to choose between the 2 for an upgrade. I wouldn’t go wrong in choosing any of the 2 cameras….

I ended up choosing the Df for the following reasons :

  1. AF on The Df is more reliable although it has the most primitive Nikon AF system ; I wish it had the more advanced system of the D800E
  2. Nikon system is more complete and mature especially concerning the wireless flash system – well, now Fuji seems to prepare a similar one –
  3. ISO capabilities of the Df are unbeatable especially when shooting RAW. and I always shoot RAW.
  4. the size of the Df is more comfortable in my “big” hands. Although I wished it was lighter.
  5. I already invested a lot in the F system … I even converted my beloved D200 to Infrared.
  6. It’s a Full Frame Camera after all
  7. It has one of the best – if not the best- sensors in the world : D4 sensor

Nikon is still playing it right

Nikon approach was to introduce a 1″ sensor mirrorless system in 2011 along their DSLR lineup. Today I believe they did the right choice : both systems are very reliable and complementary. The N1 system is a very compact system (especially the lenses) and one of the most responsive ones in the market today. Well you may say that a 1″ sensor is very small compared to the competition : M43, XF and E systems. This is where the Nikon F system comes.
After trying too many systems  in the last couple of years I can say that no system is complete : Nikon F is not compact ( although it’s becoming more compact than before , especially when we see that Nikon is able to make a 300/4 for 750g only ). Fuji X produces astonishing IQ but has some electronic quirks and flaws and AF restrictions (even the X-T1 AF with 56/1.2 hunts in low contrast areas) . Sony E Is very compact but lacks good quality glass. Nikon N1 is very responsive but has a smaller sensor and lacks some fast lenses (although I love the 32/1.2) …. etc…

HERE  is why I love the Nikon 1 system

You can read my Df review HERE and my XT review HERE. and the comparison samples HERE.

Will I go back to Fuj one day ?

I still believe that the X system is the best Mirrorless non FF system around today; better than M43 and E systems.
I think Fuji needs at least 2 more generations to truly compete with the features of a DSLR , that is if they will be able to fully compete.
For a compact system , and when I want to go light , I usually use my Leica M or Nikon 1 system , for different purposes of course.
My eye is Still on the upcoming XPro 2 though. And HERE is what I wish for in the XPro2. One day , my 2 main systems might be Leica M and Fuji X …. 🙂

Coming Soon : 7 Reasons Why I prefer the X-T1 over the Dƒ

5 thoughts on “7 Reasons why I prefer the Dƒ over the X-T1 …

  1. Good review. I have a D700 and 2 other Nikon Pro bodies, and 14 Nikkor lenses. I wanted the Nikon Df until it was released. D4 chip with a D600 controller. Same 1/4000 max shutter speed as Fuji X-T1, but now the Fuji has the 1/32,000 electronic shutter. I too have large hands, but no battery grip with vertical trigger for the Df. Also, Df has all focus points crammed in the center (it seems they can only but them in the “DX area”. Why can’t they go to the edges? Both cameras are 16MP. And even with the D4 chip, I think the Df is way overpriced. I’d get a D810 instead for that money. I’m currently shooting with a Fuji X-T1 and loving it. I’m still not ready to part with my Nikon gear, and I agree that Fuji needs just a bit more time to have a complete system to replace the Nikon system, but they’re getting there. Looking forward to reviews on the 16-50mm f2.8 Fuji.


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